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What is the expanded matching feature?

With expanded matching, the Google AdWords system automatically runs your ads on highly relevant keywords, including synonyms, related phrases, and plurals, even if they aren't in your keyword lists. (Additional matches may also include some broad, relevant variations of your keywords.) For example, if you're currently running ads on the keyword web hosting, expanded matching may include the keywords website hosting company or webhost for you. The expanded matches will change over time as the AdWords system continually monitors your keyword quality and performance factors. This helps determine which expanded matches and variations are the most relevant to user searches.

If you'd like to control which expanded matches will display your ads, consider adding negative, exact, or phrase-matched keywords to your keyword lists.


Expanded matching only applies to your broad-matched keywords. This feature doesn't affect keywords you've specified as phrase matches (keywords surrounded by double quotation marks) or exact matches (keywords surrounded by [ ] brackets). Also, expanded-match terms aren't included in our calculations for your minimum quality threshold; therefore, they don't affect your ad's rank.

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