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AdWords FAQ - AdWords Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being charged for more than my daily budget on some days?

User traffic fluctuates from day to day. To make up for these fluctuations and to ensure that your campaigns reach their potential, Google may allow up to 20% more clicks (or impressions for site-targeted campaigns) in one day than your daily budget specifies. We call this overdelivery.


What do I do if my keywords are inactive for search?

Your keywords may be marked 'inactive for search' and stop showing your ads on search results if they don't have a high enough Quality Score and maximum cost-per-click (CPC). This is another way of saying that your keyword or ad group's maximum CPC doesn't meet the minimum bid required to trigger ads on Google or its search network partners. This typically occurs when keywords aren't as targeted as they could be, and the ads they deliver aren't relevant enough to what a user is searching for.


What is the expanded matching feature?

With expanded matching, the Google AdWords system automatically runs your ads on highly relevant keywords, including synonyms, related phrases, and plurals, even if they aren't in your keyword lists. (Additional matches may also include some broad, relevant variations of your keywords.)

When do ads show on variations of my broad- and phrase-matched keywords?

Broad and phrase keyword matching options allow your ads to appear for queries that don't exactly match your keywords. This provides you with additional ad coverage without having to generate an exhaustive keyword list. However, what if some keyword variations don't work well for you, or the keyword isn't as targeted as it could be? There's a greater chance that you'll accrue less-targeted clicks and inflate your costs. We take several steps to help prevent this, while ensuring that users still enjoy a quality advertising experience on Google.

How does Google detect invalid clicks?

The security of Google AdWords advertisers is important to Google, and we have dedicated a number of resources to protect your account against invalid activity.

How are AdWords ads ranked?

We've outlined how ad ranking works for both the search and content network below.

How do I create an AdWords account?

You can create and activate a Google AdWords account in five easy steps.


How can I host my websites?

Would you recommend reliable web hosting companies?

We are not directly related to web hosting companies. But as the market is overloaded by web hosting companies, we can understand that choosing one can be very difficult and takes a lot of time. That's why we will recommend you our 2 favourite web hosting providers: HostGator and IPOWERWEB.

Why can't I see my ad?

There are several common reasons you may be unable to see your ad. To help you determine why, we've developed two tools: the Ads Diagnostic Tool and the Disapproved Ads Tool (not available in Starter Edition accounts at this time). You can access these tools at any time via the Tools link on the Campaign Management tab. The tools provide you with information specific to your account and will help you quickly diagnose why you're not seeing your ad.

What is the Google Network?

The Google Network is made up of websites and other products, such as email programs and blogs, who partner with Google to publish targeted AdWords ads. With no extra work, you'll reach a vast and highly-targeted audience.