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How can I host my websites?

Would you recommend reliable web hosting companies?

We are not directly related to web hosting companies. But as the market is overloaded by web hosting companies, we can understand that choosing one can be very difficult and takes a lot of time. That's why we will recommend you our 2 favourite web hosting providers: HostGator and IPOWERWEB.

Why did we pick up these 2 web hosting companies?

- Because they are both well established in the online market. They are managing and hosting hundreds of thousands websites across the world. Therefore no risk that your website gets suddenly offline for no reason.

- You do not have to sign up for one-year contracts. You can pay on a monthly basis and just terminate your web hosting contract whenever you want without any charge.
This is essential as we never know if a new online experience will be successful or not.

- All basic packages contain more than the minimum to run a website, blog, forum and even an e-commerce platform of course (billing systems, etc).

- Both offers very large storage and bandwidth for less than 5$ per month.

Now here are some of their package details. But you will find more information directly on their respective websites: HostGator and IPOWERWEB.


Details of HostGator web hosting plans from 4.95$ per month

Details of IPOWERWEB web hosting plans from 4.95$ per month

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