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What is the Google Network?

The Google Network is made up of websites and other products, such as email programs and blogs, who partner with Google to publish targeted AdWords ads. With no extra work, you'll reach a vast and highly-targeted audience.

We are always expanding the number of sites and products in our network through our premium services and our online Google AdSense program. All web sites and products are reviewed and monitored according to Google's rigorous standards, so as the network grows, your AdWords ads will continue to appear only on high-quality sites and products.

Besides appearing on search results on Google, AdWords advertisers are automatically eligible to have their keyword-targeted campaigns appear on our search network, our content network, or both. New keyword-targeted campaigns are automatically opted in to distribution on the Google Network, so if you want your ads to appear on search and content sites and products, then you don't need to do a thing. Learn how to view or edit your distribution preferences.

We recommend targeting both the search and content networks. To get the best ROI from both, review our tips for the search network and for the content network.

You may also choose to enable the content bids feature. This lets AdWords advertisers set one price when their ads run on Google and Google Network search sites, and a different price when their ads run on the Google content network. Learn more about content bids.

As an AdWords advertiser, you also can elect to create site-targeted campaigns, in which you choose the exact sites where your ad will appear rather than choosing keywords to trigger your ads. Site-targeted campaigns appear only on content sites in the Google Network, and only on the specific sites you select. They don't appear on Google search result pages or on other sites in the Google Network. Learn more about site targeting.

Other Google Network facts you might like to know:

  • There's no additional fee to advertise on the Google Network.
  • You can use additional ad formats, such as image and video ads, when you run ads on the content network.
  • Some sites and products in the Google Network show as few as the top 3 ads per page. The higher your average ad position, the more exposure you'll get.
  • All ads are reviewed before appearing across the Google Network, so you may see your ad appear on Google first. If you edit a previously reviewed ad, your ad will be re-reviewed before it shows again on the Google Network.
  • To ensure overall quality, all sites are carefully reviewed before being allowed in the Google Network.

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