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AdWords Optimization
Free AdWords Optimization tips to optimize your AdWords campaigns. Many tips and tricks to optimize your keywords, keyword lists, ad texts, landing page quality, quality score and account structure.

Ad Text Optimization

Ad text optimization is a key step during the optimization process. Indeed, ad text is the only part of your AdWords account that is visible to the users.

You have to be persuasive and informative to entice users to click on your ad and increase ROI.
However, this is ok to experiment. Sometimes the ad text that performs best will surprise you!


AdWords Keyword Optimization

Keywords are the roots of the AdWords system. Ads are what the user will see, but an effective, targeted keyword list is the foundation of a successful campaign. Ranking and cost-per-click are determined by the click-through rate (CTR) and maximum CPC (max CPC) for an individual keyword. It is important to remember this because the system can be slightly confusing at times by allowing you to set a maximum CPC at the ad group level. This sometimes can cause to think the CTR of the ad matters, when really it’s all about the keywords.


AdWords Optimization - Account Structure

The AdWords account structure is the overall setup of an account and consists of campaigns and Ad Groups. Each account can contain up to 25 campaigns, each campaign can contain up to 100 Ad Groups and each ad group can include 2,000 keywords (default size that can be increased according to your daily spending). When structured effectively, it can considerably improve an account’s overall performance.


Account structure optimization is the process of analysing and re-structuring an account in order to improve its overall performance. A well-structured account provides a foundation on which you can build. You can effectively organize an account and increase its effectiveness by combining your main objectives and your knowledge of AdWords.


Optimization Quick Tips

Depending on your goals (increasing CTR, increasing traffic, increasing ROI, decreasing spend, optimizing account structure), refer to this summary of quick tips.

They are not exhaustive but give you an overview of what you should focus your optimization work on.