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Google Bug: This site may harm your computer

I was about to get crazy when I saw this note under my websites' tittles in Google SERP (search results): this site may harm your computer. But I quickly calmed down when noticing the same problem for ALL websites! even for queries like: "Google" or "Yahoo".

google this site may harm

this site may harm your computer is a bug from Google. Where does it come from? We don't really know at the moment... But they seem to be solving at the tiime I'm writing this post. There are less and less results with "this site may harm your computer" message. I guess Google datacenters are being fixed one after the other...

Even it didn't last too long, it may have cost thousands of dollars, even millions of dollards at a global scale. Indeed there was no way to access websites appearing in search results. Not even a link on the warning page to bypass this crazy "this site may harm your computer".

However one "funny" thing is that AdWords results were working well and accessible! I guess we should notice a major increase in clicks for the few hours during which this problem occured...

I can't wait to know which reasons Google staff will bring onto the table :)

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