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So as you can optimize and maximize AdWords ROI, I've built an AdWords ROI check list that you can refer to. It is not meant to be totally exhaustive as advertisers can use many different tracking systems. But this AdWords ROI check list will be very useful for advertisers willing to start looking at maximizing ROI.



Getting Started with ROI - Maximize your Website

  • Landing Pages
    • Set clear pricing points
    • Do you have service/product offering bullet points?
    • Is your website easy to read and navigate?
    • Can people get what they want in less than three clicks?
    • Contact information- Name, address, phone number
    • Ensure that your landing page does not have any pop-up or pop-unders.
  • Lead Generation Forms
    • Contact information clearly displayed
    • Bulleted business points
      • What makes service or product unique?
      • Message must be relevant to ad creatives
    • 5- 10 fields, not pages
  • Shopping
    • User friendly interface, Ease of use
    • Clearly display pricing points
    • Prominent “Add to Cart” button
    • Secure shopping cart
    • Shopping cart contents are easily viewable
    • Customer service phone number prominently displayed
    • Updated content (in stock supplies)


Building on Your Account’s Foundation

  • Tracking Results
    • Implement conversion tracking
    • Assign unique URLs to each of your keywords
  • Organize your Account Structure
    • Break down Ad Groups containing long keyword lists into smaller “buckets.”  Each bucket should be based on a product, service, or theme.
    • Utilize Ad Groups  that are Product/Service specific
  • Write Relevant Ads
    • Focus on your product/service’s benefits
    • Use your keyword phrases in your ad(s)
    • Use a call to action to entice the customer

Setting up Customized Reports & Optimizing

  • Create a report in the “Reports” tab. Schedule them to be sent via email.
  • Delete poorly performing keywords and optimize keywords to bring in more qualified leads
  • Identify which ads are performing and which aren’t
  • Refine your Keywords
    • Use word combinations and phrases that describe your business
    • Utilize exact and phrase keyword matching options
    • Use the AdWords Keyword Tool to generate negative keywords
    • Eliminate irrelevant keywords, broad keywords, one word keywords
    • Use brand names and product parts
    • Add misspellings
  • Create new Ad Groups to improve exposure

CPC Adjustment & Conversion Results


  • Fine tune your bidding strategy
    • Higher bids for converting keywords
    • Lower bids for general & non-converting keywords
  • Check your keyword’s ad position.  Try to be in positions 1 – 5.  Raise your CPCs if you are in lower ad positions
  • Define & calculate return on investment

Comparing Weblogs to AdWords Statistics- Follow each clickthrough as people navigate through your site.  Discover which ad and keyword combinations generate the most sales, signups or other action.  Study what works and what doesn’t.

  • Email inquiries
  • Increased leads/signups
  • Increased phone calls
  • Increased page views
  • Increased purchases/sales
  • Weblog statistics