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AdWords Actual Search Queries

This article will explain you how to find out the actual search terms typed by visitors before they clicked on your AdWords ads, by using Google Analytics.

If you use broad match keywords, you must know that your ads can be displayed for other search terms that are not actually in your keyword list. These search terms are supposed to be relevant. But we know they are not in many cases, especially if you have high CTR keywords. Indeed high CTR broad match keywords are more likely to trigger your ads for a greater number of non-relevant search queries.


AdWords Quality Score

LPQ or Landing Page Quality is an initiative to improve the quality of the landing pages, pages that users visit once they click on AdWords ads. Quality score is part of larger initiatives called Ads Quality which has a goal of making ads as relevant and useful as the natural search results. The Quality Score provides an incentive to create high quality ads to help maintain the "Google ecosystem".