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AdWords Quality Score

LPQ or Landing Page Quality is an initiative to improve the quality of the landing pages, pages that users visit once they click on AdWords ads. Quality score is part of larger initiatives called Ads Quality which has a goal of making ads as relevant and useful as the natural search results. The Quality Score provides an incentive to create high quality ads to help maintain the "Google ecosystem".


5 Quality Score Misconceptions Uncovered

  • There is only one Quality Score
  • Using different match types can improve your Quality Score
  • Your can buy your way to a great Quality Score
  • High CTR = High Quality Score
  • Quality Score is reset when you optimize your account

Misconception 1: There is only one Quality Score


There are separate Quality Scores used to set minimum bids and rank ads. In addition, the Quality Score is different for search and content. 

a) Static elements determine Quality Score: 

  • keyword relevance
  • ad text relevance
  • landing page relevance

b) The Quality Score determines the minimum CPC

  1. active / inactive keyword status
  2. more granular min CPC

c) Quality Score is updated frequently so an inactive keyword could become active automatically


d) Unique properties of a query refine the Quality Score

  1. If I sell Hawaiian cruises and I have the keyword ‘cruises’, I’ll get a better score for the query “Hawaiian cruises” than for “Alaskan cruises”.
  2. The Quality Score is updated for every query.

e) Quality Score on Search

  1. Determines order of the ads
  2. Determines promotion to top of page (with other factors like max CPC).

f) Quality Score on Content

  1. Determines eligibility to show on content-matched pages
  2. Quality Score is not a factor when using Site Targeting

Misconception 2: Changing keyword match types can alter my Quality Score


Quality Score is calculated using only data from queries that exactly match your keyword.

a) [red flowers], “red flowers”, ‘red flowers’ may all have different CTRs but they all have the same Quality Score. Because Quality Score doesn’t depend on the match type, you won’t get lower costs by using all 3 match types.


b) Negative keywords help you eliminate irrelevant queries.

This helps improve your account’s performance.


TIP: Use match types to target your audience but not to improve Quality Score or decrease cost.


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