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Keyword Multiplier

Free download a Firefox extension that allows you to multiply keywords directly from your browser Firefox. It offers many options to merge your keywords like applying keyword matching options. Just enter or paste keywords to the 3 columns and click and get your multiplied keywords.

To be able to use this keyword tool, you need to have the free browser Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer. If you are still browsing internet with Internet Explorer, I really advise you to get rid of it and rather use the very customizable free browser Firefox.

I got the extension compatible with Firefox 3 now. Thanks Mike for emailing me your comment regarding this compatibility issue. It pushed me to finally have a look into it and now I can use it again. So useful. Thanks Ajua whose post helped me to do this: Modify Your Extensions to Work in Firefox 3

Now you can download here the Keyword Multiplier Firefox extension . Here is how it looks like:

adwords keyword multiplier


As you can see in the example above, you can use "[ ]" at the bottom of your keyword lists to tell the tool that column A is "optional".

Like that, you can merge column A + column B + column C, but also only column B + column C and skipping column A. Everything is done automatically. You get your final optimised and merged keyword list in the last tab.

Important: don't insert too many keywords (not more than around 50 keywords in each column) as it could crash or make the process take too long. If you get a pop up window saying the script takes too long, just click "continue script". 

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