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How much text can I have in my ads?

Ads can contain, including spaces, 25 characters for the title, 70 characters for the ad text, and 35 characters for a display URL. On Google, this is displayed on four lines: a title, two lines of ad text (each with 35 characters), and a URL line. However, the format may differ on Google partner sites.

I. Ad Text

If your ad text contains any wide characters, such as certain capital letters and punctuation marks, fewer characters may fit on the line. The system will notify you if you exceed a character limit. Also, some of Google's syndication partners may not display non-standard characters if you include them in your ad.

If you create text ads using non-Latin characters, please be aware that the character limit may vary. Ads in languages with double-byte characters, such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, can contain the following number of characters, including spaces: 12 characters in the title, 17 characters in each line of ad text, and 35 characters in the display URL.


II. Display URL

If your display URL is longer than 35 characters, you may consider using a shortened version of your URL, such as your homepage. Please be sure that your display URL accurately represents your destination URL, the page within your site to which users are taken via your ad. The display URL should have the same domain (such as as your landing page.

Also, please note that your display URL must be an actual web address, appearing in the form of a valid URL. It must include the extension (such as .com, .net, .org, etc.). It does not need to include the prefix (such as http:// or www).

Since your ad space is limited, try to create compelling and targeted ad text that is highly relevant to the products or services you're promoting. You can optimize your ad text to create the most effective ads.

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